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Subject: [TenTec] Ten Tec Pegasus Remote Operation
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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 23:06:05 -0600
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Mark,  I would recommend using Windows XP Pro Remote Desk Top at the 
radio host location.  Using that you can actually control any radio that 
can be controlled with computer software.  Since the Pegasus is already 
a computer controlled radio via the serial port it is a natural to 
easily remote.  For the audio you could have to download Skype at 
www.skype.com and connect the mic and audio out to the sound card.  When 
I first setup a radio for internet remote control I used a Kenwood 
TS-480 which required host program but now that I have switched over to 
Remote Desk Top I only need the ARCP-480 control program running on the 
computer at the radio site.  Then the only thing needed for a laptop or 
other computer to be used anywhere in the world where you have internet 
access is to use the native Remote Desk Top which is a part of Windows 
XP.  One important detail however is the the host computer at the radio 
site must be Windows XP Pro.  Then XP Home can be used for the portable 
or client computer wherever you travel.  There is another excellent 
solution if you only have Win XP Home and the is Real VNC which can be 
downloaded online and I think might cost around $30.  Once you get a 
system all hooked up and ready then it just takes a little care in 
getting the sound card levels right.  Good luck,
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