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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:14:24 -0600
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Someone asked about Solar Updates and activity.  Here's a good source. 
Sunspot data is often included as to solar flares.

Bob, K4TAX

Space Weather News for Dec. 17. 2007

CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH MARS: Have you noticed an intense red star rising in 
the east in recent evenings?  That's no star, that's Mars.  The red planet 
is having a close encounter with Earth this week.  At closest approach on 
Tuesday evening, Dec. 18th, the two worlds will lie only 55 million miles 
apart.  Mars won't be this nearby again until the year 2016.  To the naked 
eye, Mars now outshines every star in the night sky (it is slightly brighter 
than Sirius) and it looks great through a backyard telescope.  Visit 
http://spaceweather.com for photos, observing tips and sky maps.

NOTE: While, technically speaking, Mars is at its best and brightest only on 
Dec. 18th, the red planet will remain unusually close and beautiful for 
weeks to come.  This makes it a Merry Martian Christmas for anyone who finds 
a telescope under their tree on Dec. 25th: 

GREAT GEMINIDS:  The Geminid meteor shower peaked on Dec. 14th and 15th; as 
predicted, it was a great show.  Some observers counted more than a hundred 
meteors per hour including fireballs that cast shadows like a full moon and 
gave off  ghostly-sounding radio echoes.  It's all chronicled in our Geminid 

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