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John/K4WJ wrote:
> It is a nice article. However the last paragraph left me confused, 
> which isn't hard to do.
> "There are not enough highly technical people coming out of our 
> schools," he said. "Generally we have to import them. And 
> transportation is tough. We have trucks come in here from all around, 
> and they find it tough to get here at the appointed time. But you run 
> into that everywhere."
> Is Burchfield suggesting that all of the "imported" employees drive 
> trucks, or did the author not understand him? :-)I'm thinking the 
> author should have made the transportation of materials issue, it 
> this is what Burchfield is referring to, a separate paragraph.
> Thanks for calling this to our attention Scott,
> 73..de John/K4WJ

I'm sure Jack was referring to the local problem of heavy traffic here 
in Sevier County during the peak tourist season.  It's not uncommon for 
us to get deliveries late or have outbound shipments not picked up on 
time because trucks get slowed down coming down 66 from I-40.   Even the 
package carriers have been known to leave us hanging from time to time.

The "import" comment is about finding qualified staff.  Many of us who 
work here (including myself) came here from elsewhere to work for Ten-Tec.

Scott Robbins

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