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Re: [TenTec] LDG tuner in O II?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] LDG tuner in O II?
From: Arthur Isaenko <isartw@gmail.com>
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Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 22:58:53 +0200
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Actually, OT-11P has 200 memories totally. From my point, seems like 

Have no idea how it calculates frequency. However, I think it would 
overwrite tuning settings for small resolution like 10kHz or something 
like that.

I've been using Orion 565 with OT-11P for 2,5 years. This tuner works 
like ones in Japanese rigs such as Kenwood TS-570. The pattern is almost 
the same. The main reason why I decided to buy this one is that OT-11P 
was two times cheaper than original Orion tuner. So I just saved some 
bucks on that.

Arthur, EW1CK

Ken Brown wrote:

>Sounds like a good method to me. I am curious about the LDG tuner. I 
>presume the LDG has a built in frequency counter to address tuning 
>memories for each frequency, or does it use a data connection from the 
>transceiver to tell it what frequency to tune to when using memory 
>tuning? In either case what is the frequency resolution? In other words, 
>if you were to tune it at 3.505 kHz and then again at 3.506 kHz, would 
>it actually store two separate tuning settings, or would the first one 
>at 3.505 get overwritten because the two are the same frequency when 
>described with a resolution of 10 kHz? Also, how many memories does it 
>have? Is the frequency resolution the same for all bands? It would make 
>sense to me to use smaller resolution on the lower bands. You might need 
>five different tunings to cover 80/75 meters and only two each for 20 or 
>15 meters.  If there is plenty of memory available it wouldn't matter.
>> I did above initial tuning every 10 or 20 KHz across
>> each
>>Then in 'normal' radio use and when changing bands or moving across a
>> band,
>>I 'tap' the Orion's Tune button. The LDG tuner quickly tunes (by
>> recalling
>>the match parameters from its memory) to the predetermined setting near
>> or
>>on that frequency in its memory.
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