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Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 15:52:21 -0600
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A brass key (cool) and a laptop.  Well Santa Baby's XYL got a new 
laptop...nearly smokes my Opteron running at 2.5ghz....more's the pity...

This was an Option 3, but with only the 500hz filter in the 9mhz IF. 
Admittedly I was not certain what the full benefit would be, as I saw the 
roofing filter really cascading an additional 4 poles before the N1 or N2 
filters, but I am willing to believe the Inrad advertising claims.

Remember, this is the same XYL who got me the Option 3 for my birthday in 
October, encoruaged me to get the Centurion from John, and when I'm really 
good (or really naughty) will treat my feet to Mary Kay Satin Hands...

She also had my QSL card (on my QRZ.COM BIO) made into a large poster at 
Kinko's and framed/mounted it...

Hope to hear that new key on SKN!


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> Man, you lucky ham.
> Can we borrow your wife next year??
> I have a wish list ...
> (smile)
> Merry Xmas with your new toys!
> Ron, wb1hga
> "the 516 is still a keeper"
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