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Re: [TenTec] FSK on Orion II?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] FSK on Orion II?
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Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 10:26:41 -0600
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Hi Bernie

        I'm running MMTTY with the ORION II with FSK.  To do so  you have to
download the EXTFSK (ver 1.05) pluggin for MMTTY.
Under Options, select SETUP MMTTY, then select MISC tab.  Select COM_TXD.
Select EXTFSK for Tx Port.  Select TX tab then Select EXTFSK for the PTT
Port.  If successfully configured with the EXTFSK pluggin available, the
EXTFSK dialog window will appear when you load MMTTY.  In that window,
select the proper values for FSK output and PTT output.  I use the
RigBlaster Pro, and select TXD for FSK output, and RTS for PTT output.
Works great.  You may be upside down - as soon as you get on and someone
answers, they will tell you!.  I'd suggest you make the change in  the Orion
Menu - Other - FSK Tx Data.  I think the default is Mark Low.  With my
setup, I need to set it to Mark High.  You also have to select FSK mode.  I
turn the Mon on - when you transmit, I get those great tty tones.  

Drop me a line direct to my e-mail address if you need help.


Dave K5WNV

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Subject: [TenTec] FSK on Orion II?

Has anyone had success running FSK on the Orion II?
I am running MMTTY, and it works great on AFSK.  Receive works fine on  FSK,

but when I send, the distant end (including the other side of the shack)  
receives garbage.
I have tried toggling the Mark state on the Orion II menu (from High to  
Low), but that doesn't make things any better.
I would like to use FSK because I _love_ the way the filters set up on the  
I am no expert on RTTY, much less RTTY on an Orion, so any clues--no matter

how basic--appreciated.
73 and Happy 2008 to all.
Bernie K5XS

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