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[TenTec] LDG tuner in O II

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Subject: [TenTec] LDG tuner in O II
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Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 08:49:47 -0200
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Tnx for all the replies and suggestions. The tuner still does not work
as stated in either the LDG nor the O II manual. I have tried holding
the 'Tune' button so that it may 'memorize and store' the freq and also
tapped the 'Tune' button. It makes no difference. Once the tuning cycle
starts, it finds a match within 5 secs or less but still remains in
xmit; the manual(s) state that the tuning cycle shud end once it is
finished. At no time does the display say 'Tuned'; however, it is
apparent that the tuner is working as when I transmit, the swr is less
than 2 to 1. I have tried tuning the rig with power set at 5, 10, 20 and
100w. Makes no difference in the outcome. An email to LDG did not help
as they no longer have any TT in house so not able to troubleshoot or
duplicate. Their comment was that it was a radio issue as the tuner
seems to be working fine. It is as if the O II does partially recognize
the tuner in that it responds to being tuned, but does not display
"TUNED" nor store the freq being tuned. When I change bands, I have to
momentarily hit "tune" then all is well...so I have a semi-automatic
tuner. Still better than having to manual tune my Palstar for each band
Would the behavior of the O II and tuner prehaps be affected by the
software changes that have come out since TT no longer supported the LDG
tuner? For those of you with the LDG tuner, what software updates are
you currently using and can you recall what update was being used when
you installed the LDG?
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