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[TenTec] Titan & Omni V transmit problem on 20

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Subject: [TenTec] Titan & Omni V transmit problem on 20
From: "Gary Smith" <Gary@doctorgary.net>
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Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 18:10:17 -0500
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Have an Omni V & a Titan 425. Key down I have no problem adjusting 
the output through the 425. I can adjust from minimum to maximum 
output and the amp gives a steady output. 

When I run CW I have issues; on 40 & 80 there is no problem and If I 
want a steady 300 watts via a string of dits, no problem. When I go 
to 20 meters the first dit has a high output but then the output 
folds back to zero and if I increase the RF power from the Omni V to 
around 50 W, it starts putting out an intermittent amplified signal. 
Increase to 70W and it becomes a steady output at expected levels. 

15 meters is somewhat the same as 20 meters but is easier to run a 
lower amplified signal Ie: I can drive with as little as 25W out 
reliably with the keyer and get a normal output. Drive with 20 watts 
and there's a foldback of some kind happening.

Thought it might be RF getting into the wiring so I ran the amp 
directly into the dummy load and the problem is the same; no change.

Again, if I use the tune feature on the Omni it is steady as a rock 
as regards output, it's only when keying CW.




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