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Re: [TenTec] Nother' discovery about the Corsair & Titan

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Nother' discovery about the Corsair & Titan
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Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 15:06:37 EST
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Don't know what happened the email went out before I was done  fellows.
ALC is set in the radio at 14.05 for 100 watts when the ALC lamp just  
I agree that 10 meter is usually the most inefficient band as to power  
output, but Ten Tec says to set the low level driver board R15 and R11 at 
Page 3-23 of the Ten Tec owners manual say how to do the process.
Had to do it to mine when I first got the rig used.
Carl is right.
On 80 meters I could, if I wanted to, crank the drive control full  clockwise 
and get 120 watts output.
Not a good idea.
You might want to use a good meter, Bird type, and make sure that the  
Corsair II meter is giving you good information.
If it is not I would calibrate that first on the SWR board R2.
Then set the ALC on 14.05.
When I turn up the power on mine I turn the drive control to 100 watts I  
then turn the ALC control back until the ALC light just flickers and your peaks 
should not go over 100 watts on the peaks.
On 10 meter my drive control can be turned full clockwise and the ALC light  
does not come on, but I show peaks of about 110 on SSB so I still turn down 
the  ALC pot until I get a flicker and I get no distortion on peaks.
You will get distortion if you don't do that.
It will sow on a scope and you will be told you are popping or edgy.
Good luck,

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