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Re: [TenTec] Looking for a rig upgrade...

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Looking for a rig upgrade...
From: John Huffman <hjohnc@gmail.com>
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Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 11:15:43 -0400
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Lou -

All the radios you listed would be very nice mid grade transceivers.

Here's my reaction based on my experience with Ten Tecs.

> My key requirements are 
> 1)  PC interface for logging
Omni VI (option 1-3 and plus) has only basic computer interface, but 
does logging fine.  Pegasus, Jupiter, Orion, Omni, all have an extensive 

> 2) Quality... I don't want to keep woking on the radio or having it repaired
Any radio can have problems.  But, if needed, ease of service is 
important.  I have been very pleased with Ten Tec service in terms of 
price, quality and turn-around time.

> 3) Receive quality.... doen't have to have the best receiver, but don't wnat 
> to get tired of listening to it.
Jupiter and Pegasus are a step below the other Ten Tecs, but easy to 
listen to.  Don't rely on a chart like the Sherwood chart.  It's just 
one piece of information.  I have a non-Ten Tec radio that scores very, 
very high on the chart.  But, has somewhat hissy audio and is tiring to 
listen to.  If you just do PSK with audio off, never mind.

> 4) Stand up to some contesting.  I am not a hard core contester, but I have 
> operating during a few contests and enjoyed it.
All will do well with "some" contesting.  Competitive contesting needs 
Omni VI, Omni VII, or Orion.

My advice is to get a used radio from the Ten Tec factory.  It has a 10 
day trial, 30 day warranty, and 30 day full upgrade allowance.  They 
bend over backward to help make sure you are satisfied.

You would be happy with a Jupiter.  An Omni VI upgrade would satisfy you 
for a long time.  Orion requires a lot of investment in time to learn to 
use the radio correctly.

73 de K1ESE

> Any thoughts?
> Lou

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