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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Looking for a rig upgrade...
From: "Grant Bright" <gbright@bellsouth.net>
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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 12:01:07 -0400
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Hi Lou,

I have been "in the quest" for a better rig a while. I used the 
Collins S Line from 1964-1987. Then I used a Kenwood 940 from 
1987-2000 when I went to the FT1000D.

As I got more serious about DX and casual contesting, I found the 
1000D front end was overloaded by S9+ signals when I was 1 KHz or 
so away from an S3 or less station.

I added the INRAD roofing filter to the 1000D and did a couple of 
other mods. These helped some, but I still had some overload. 
Having listened to some of the new rigs, I wanted a quieter 

After some searching, research (looking at Sherwood's performance 
figures), talking to expert contesters, old friends, IC-7800, 
FTDX-9000, and K3 users, I settled on the Orion 2.

I have experienced optimal performance in contests and pileups. 
No overload, swamping, etc. With all the filters, I can cut out 
any adjacent signal and copy the RTTY, or CW signal FB. I am 
adding Larry's LP-PAN from Telepost so I can "see" the spectrum 
in more detail.

If you don't have to have dual receive, talk to W2NRA about his 
Omni VII. I looked back at the Ten-Tec demo list and do not see a 
"demo" Omni VII listed. With the VII I believe you will get the 
current state of the art receiver performance.

The other reasonable choice would be the Orion 1 (565) if you 
just have to have a second receiver.

You will get differing opinions on using a second receiver. I use 
mine mainly in pile ups where the DX station is listening 3-25 
KHz up. I go listen "up" with the second receiver for a clear 

While I am not a big scorer in contesting, I am at 341 countries 
(entities) accomplished since 2001 with lots of absent time due 
to business travels.

It is great fun to "keep looking for new ones." I only made 10 
contacts in the Ukraine DX contest last weekend (with no DX on 
Sunday morning), but got a new one! So you never know where that 
"next new one is lurking."

If you have a tribander up 40 ft, and a small amp, you can get to 
300 countries in a relatively short time...assuming we get even a 
few sun spots! Hihi!

Take care & 73s,


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From: "John Huffman" <hjohnc@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Looking for a rig upgrade...

> Lou -
> All the radios you listed would be very nice mid grade 
> transceivers.
> Here's my reaction based on my experience with Ten Tecs.
>> My key requirements are
>> 1)  PC interface for logging
> Omni VI (option 1-3 and plus) has only basic computer 
> interface, but
> does logging fine.  Pegasus, Jupiter, Orion, Omni, all have an 
> extensive
> interface.
>> 2) Quality... I don't want to keep woking on the radio or 
>> having it repaired
> Any radio can have problems.  But, if needed, ease of service 
> is
> important.  I have been very pleased with Ten Tec service in 
> terms of
> price, quality and turn-around time.
>> 3) Receive quality.... doen't have to have the best receiver, 
>> but don't wnat to get tired of listening to it.
> Jupiter and Pegasus are a step below the other Ten Tecs, but 
> easy to
> listen to.  Don't rely on a chart like the Sherwood chart. 
> It's just
> one piece of information.  I have a non-Ten Tec radio that 
> scores very,
> very high on the chart.  But, has somewhat hissy audio and is 
> tiring to
> listen to.  If you just do PSK with audio off, never mind.
>> 4) Stand up to some contesting.  I am not a hard core 
>> contester, but I have operating during a few contests and 
>> enjoyed it.
> All will do well with "some" contesting.  Competitive 
> contesting needs
> Omni VI, Omni VII, or Orion.
> My advice is to get a used radio from the Ten Tec factory.  It 
> has a 10
> day trial, 30 day warranty, and 30 day full upgrade allowance. 
> They
> bend over backward to help make sure you are satisfied.
> You would be happy with a Jupiter.  An Omni VI upgrade would 
> satisfy you
> for a long time.  Orion requires a lot of investment in time to 
> learn to
> use the radio correctly.
> 73 de K1ESE
> John
>> Any thoughts?
>> Lou

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