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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Looking for a rig upgrade...
From: "Jim Brown K9YC" <k9yc@audiosystemsgroup.com>
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Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 10:15:25 -0700
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Used Omni V, Omni VI, and Omni VI+ are great choices in your budget range. The 
Elecraft K3 is also a great radio for what you want to do, and would fit your 
budget if you didn't load it up with too many options. Other great choices are 
the TS850 and FT1000MP, and FT1000MkV. All are within your budget. In all 
you'll need to add some optional filters to be happy. The introduction of the 
has caused a lot of these radios, which are quite popular with serious DXers 
contesters, to come on the used market. I have an 850, 746, Omni V, K2/100, and 
FT1000MP up for sale myself!  No, I'm not recommending them because I want to 
sell them, but because I've owned them and like them. :) 

The 746 is a nice radio, but not nearly in the class of those listed above. 
robust, works 6M and 2M, but the RX is a very weak point compared to the others 
listed. I own all of these radios except the Omni VI and VI+, and have used 
a lot. The K2/100 is a nice radio for CW, but not great for SSB. I haven't used 
it for digital modes, but it should be pretty good. 

Don't even think of new radios within your budget -- the vintage radios I've 
listed cost a lot more when new, and are far superior to the medium-priced 
you could get for under $2K. 


Jim K9YC

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