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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 14:29:59 -0400
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At 12:48 PM 7/7/2008, Jim Brown K9YC wrote:
>My first ham radio mentors made sure that I owned and studied that
>book when I was starting out in 1955.

Did they insult you if you didn't grasp a point?

>One of my contributions is pushing others to learn.

One of the attributes of a mentor is patience.  To insult is
to be at cross-purposes to your stated intent.

>Yes, I'm a curmudgeon.

Curmudgeon = 1. Miser  2. A crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old 
man. (Webster)
Does this portray a "mentor"?

Although this thread has been a game of semantics, obvious to all who have
thoroughly read the postings, they have still been instructive to the extent
they have been civil.

Jim, you're doing a lot of good.  Infuse it with a bit of humility and no one
will put you on their "delete" list.  :-)


Perry   w8au

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