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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Logging Software
From: Rick Denney <rick@rickdenney.com>
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Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 12:28:31 -0400
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lciotti@twcny.rr.com writes...

> Just looking for people thought on what is out there... I know I
> can search and probably find something to fit my needs, but I like
> to get other opinions on the strong and bad points they have found as they 
> used the software.

I have been using DX-Lab, which is actually a family of interconnected
programs. DX-Keeper is the logging portion, but there are other
portions as well. It will help you keep track of QSLs and award goals,
and is intended for that and not for contesting (as you know, N1MM is
contesting software not optimized as a general log). It's also
open-source and free.

DX-Lab one of relatively few that will interface to my Omni V.9
through the Pagasus.out file, so that I can continue to use N4PY for
rig control (I use that so that I can control my RX-320 as a
sub-receiver). The DX-Commander component will also control the Omni
V.9 directly and reasonably close to properly. My filter arrangements
are a bit different than what it expects owing to the addition of an
INRAD roofing filter, but that is the only glitch, and I can work
around that fairly easily. Really what I wanted was something that
would keep track of where I am as I tune the radio manually, and this
set up does that--most of the time. I'm still learning DX-Lab--it's a
little complicated and I have not yet devoted enough time to it.

I also use the Winwarbler component of DX-Lab, which supports the
major digital modes, interfaced to the audio in and audio out jacks on
the Omni through a Tigertronics interface.

Without the need for interfacing with N4PY, there might be more
options, but DX-Lab seems comprehensive, and the developers fairly
responsive to the users.

Rick, KR9D

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