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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 17:06:50 +0000
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For me, it was a matter of pure laziness. I've had 3 (or was it 4) Corsair 
II's. Every one was a great rig and I loved them. The dual receive with the 
external VFO was wonderful. However, I operate all modes and QSY required me to 
spin the knob from one band edge to the other (I told you I was lazy). I really 
like the convenience of direct frequency entry (it's great on split when the DX 
gives you a freq or a shift) and the fact that each band button saves 2 
frequencies with filter settings, mode, etc. So if I want to QSY form 20 to 15, 
one or 2 taps of the 15 button puts me there in the mode I want.

Both Corsair II and Omni VI+ are awesome rigs. See, it boils down to operator 
preference (or laziness).


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From: Kevin Anderson <k9iua@yahoo.com> 

> The Corsair II is a great rig for selectivity and joy of listening to over 
> long 
> periods. I've used one at my friend's house during contests. But for me with 
> owning older T-T rigs, it finally boils down to whether one likes having to 
> maintain the PTO or not. For me, I decided I was tired of having to rebuild 
> PTOs, so last year I sold my two older radios that had PTOs. If you likes 
> having to periodically rebuild a PTO, an older Ten-Tec is a mighty fine rig 
> to 
> own and use. But I personally decided that PTOs weren't my thing. 
> Kevin, K9IUA 
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