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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni 6+ great CW rig
From: Rick Denney <rick@rickdenney.com>
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Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 12:12:03 -0400
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Sam Bridges writes...

> Hello Guys:
>     The TT Omni 6+ can be a better CW rig by installing WHICH Inrad
> filter? And if one uses the N-2 for switching does one LOSE the use of N-1?

I have a feeling everyone is talking about different things.

When I hear this, I think of the INRAD roofing filter kit for the Omni
VI, which adds a roofing filter in front of the 9-MHz first IF,
cascaded with the factory filter positions in the 9-MHz IF.

Here's the information for the kit:


I have that kit installed in my Omni V.9, with a 2800-Hz filter
because I'm an SSB user. It's installed so that the "Narrow" button
invokes both the 9-MHz filter (of which there is only one on the V)
and the INRAD roofing filter.

You can also buy INRAD filters for the standard filter positions in
the Omni radios. In fact, Ten Tec no longer sells their own filters
for these radios, and refers people to the INRAD products.

My rig has the INRAD 2800-Hz roofing filter, and an INRAD 2400-Hz
filter in the first IF. When cascaded with the 1800-Hz filter in the
second IF, someone really has to be strongly overlapping the passband
before you'll hear them. The kit isn't just for CW applications,
though you can get filters appropriate for a narrow CW passband, too.

Rick, KR9D

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