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[TenTec] RIT/XIT problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!

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Subject: [TenTec] RIT/XIT problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!
From: "John T. Fleming" <W3GQJ@embarqmail.com>
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Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:49:14 -0400
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I took my Orion apart again today.  My first experience with the problem was
in September, 2004.  Many times I had soldered the encoder pins thinking it
fixed the problem.  A year later it would come back and be temperature
sensitive.  Solder pins again and problem would quit.  About three months
ago I had the problem again and soldered pins.  A week later it was back.
So in frustration, I decided to master this challenge.


I removed the logic and display board today.  Before I removed it, I gently
pulled on the logic board and could make the problem appear.  I then pushed
on the board and the problem disappeared.


After I removed the board and carefully looked at the pins, pins 3 and 4 of
J8 did not have any scratch insertion marks on them.  I looked closer under
a magnifying glass on noticed that pins 3 and 4 were slightly out of
alignment. They were bent about 1/32 toward the display screen.  I took a
picture with digital camera and the misalignment is visible.  (I am sending
a copy to Ten-Tec for their files.)  Using my finger nail, I bent pins 3 and
4 away from the display until they lined up with the other pins.  I then
remounted the logic board / display board and then tried flexing the logic
board again.  This time I had no problem.  Evidently the female connector
sockets only have contacts on one side because of small size.


If the RIT/XIT quits before I "check out," I will let the list know.  But I
plan to try to reach the nineties which means I will probably have a
different rig by then! :=}


Thank you everyone who sent me their observation and John, K1ESE, who worked
on his rig this weekend and confirmed that the problem was in the area of
the "B" ribbon cable.




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