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Does the A/B button work Ok instead of REV?

Carl Moreschi N4PY
121 Little Bell Drive
Bell Mountain
Hays, NC 28635
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Subject: [TenTec] Delta II Question

> Hello all,
> Are there any current owners of a Delta II (or Argonaut II) on the list ? 
> I
> have a question regarding the operation of the "REV" function when 
> operating
> split. On my unit, when operating split, if I switch between VFO A and VFO 
> B
> (on the same band) all sounds normal. But if I press the REV button to
> monitor the opposite VFO, the frequency is displayed correctly but the 
> audio
> is 700 Hz too low. In other words, you cannot hear the other station on 
> the
> other VFO. I must hold the REV button and tune up 700 Hz to hear the 
> signal.
> Then when I switch between VFO and VFO B, the second VFO is now 700 Hz too
> high.
> So, by using the REV function, the control circuitry is not adding the 700
> Hz offset. Before I dig deeper looking for a problem, I'm asking if 
> another
> Delta II owner can confirm that their unit operates differently than mine.
> Thanks in advance.
> dennis
> wb8wtu
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