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From: Ken Brown <ken.d.brown@hawaiiantel.net>
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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 08:50:09 -1000
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"What is the serial number of the VI + ?  Does it have TCXO and SMT?"

I believe that any Omni VI + has boards with SMT devices. And any Omni 
VI version three has SMT devices on the 9 MHz Filter Board, and the Pass 
Band Tuning Board.

The 9 MHz filter board which has space for only one optional narrow 
filter is stock number 81594. It does not use SMT devices. The 9 MHz 
filter board with spaces for two optional narrow filters is stock number 
81782, which has plenty of SMT devices.

The Pass Band Tuning board used in version 1 or 2 Omni VI (ones that 
have a 2.4 button and only one NAR button) is stock number 81600, which 
has no SMT devices. The Pass Band Tuning board used in version 3 and 
Plus Omni VI is stock number 81781, which has SMT devices.

I am making those statements based on seeing inside only two Omni VI, 
one a version 3 and one a version 2, and from looking at the manuals for 
them. I could be wrong. Can anyone out there confirm this?

I suspect that Omni VI + has SMT parts on a lot of other boards too, 
whereas the Omni VI version 3 may not have SMT except on the two IF 
boards mentioned above. Again I do not know this for certain, and I 
would like to know. Can anyone confirm this?


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