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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 17:01:20 -0700
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With an L network antenna tuner there are always at least two possible 
combinations of L and C to provide a match. Under certain conditions of the 
source and load impedances, there are four possible combinations of the L 
and C that provide a match.

This multiplicity of possibilites allows you to choose the least loss 
combination of the L and C determined by realizability of the L and/or C 

The circuit Q is not under the control of the designer. The only way to 
control Q is to increase the complexity over a single L and a single C 
component. However, if higher Q is desired for harmonic suppression, it is 
best/easiest to connect a low pass filter in the rig to tuner 50 ohm line.

73, AL 

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