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Subject: Re: [TenTec] OT Antenna Tuners
From: Ken Brown <ken.d.brown@hawaiiantel.net>
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Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 18:59:12 -1000
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> One of the beauties of the L network is that we have a choice of values for 
> the L and C depending on their location or position relative to each other. 
> This makes it possible to choose the lowest loss configuration from the mix.
If it is a Ten-Tec model 238 or 235, and probably also 229, there are 
only two configurations available. Those two configurations both have 
the L in series. The shunt C can be switched to either the source or the 
load end of the L. (There is also a very small L in series on the 
opposite side of the C, which makes it actually a T network. This L is 
so small that it serves mostly to counteract stray or minimum 
capacitance. This makes it so that there is not an unobtainable tuning 
zone between the two configurations.) For either configuration there is 
no more than one setting of the L and C that gives a match. In some 
cases there may not be enough L or C to get a match in one of the 
configurations, or perhaps not in either configuration. In any case, 
when you do find match, it is never a really high Q match, and there 
will not be really high circulating currents or high voltages. The two 
configurations available may not alway be the lowest loss configurations 
possible using only two elements in a L network, though they are usually 
pretty darn good. It is simple and effective.


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