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[TenTec] ESD - Static Discharge revisited OMNI VII

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Subject: [TenTec] ESD - Static Discharge revisited OMNI VII
From: Bill Mellema <mellema@qis.net>
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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 19:40:06 -0400
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I now have a new OMNI VII which I really like ..however I noticed 
again that walking across my carpeted office and touching the mike 
connector caused the receiver to quit. If I recycle the power it is 
fine again. I had this problem with another OMNI VII I owned and 
never could get it straightened out. I am running a ASTRON 55 AMP 
power supply with the chassis ground going back to the OMNIVII's 
chassis ground (I did this after the ESD problem was first noticed). 
I have since measured the resistance from the OMNI VII's chassis 
ground and the mike connector and the 1/4 inch CW and Headphone 
jacks. They are all above ground which I think is the problem. Heck 
you can ground the radio but what does it do if the front panel jacks 
aren't grounded?

If anyone has a remedy for this other than touching something to 
discharge before using the OMNI VII I would appreciate hearing about 
it. I ran an ICOM756PRO & IC756PROII which are also DSP radios and 
never had this issue. I understand the OMNI VII is more computer than 
radio but I feel it has to stand up to normal radio shack conditions 
not to mention Field Day. It's a great rig but I have to come up with 
a satisfactory solutions before this Winter when the ESD is much more severe.


Bill N3WM

Bill Mellema
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