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Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 12:59:09 -0400
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I like computer logging also.  And my computer is never so slow that it
would take 5 or 10 seconds to tell me if a call is a dupe...rather that
indication pops up as soon as I enter the call...its there as fast as I can
read it...certainly before I could visually look over a dupe sheet.

After logging a contest, I print it out and place the papers into my binder.
So the computer could explode this second and I'd never lose a log record.
Unless the house burned down.

So, I feel that contest logging especially is far more to my liking than
paper logging, and I still have my paper logs as a backstop.

73 de Gary, AA2IZ

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> Dr. Johnson;
> I guess we agree to disagree on computer logging.
> I use DX4WIN as my computer logging software application.
> I print out my log once a month going forward, minimal loss here if
> crashes. I also back up my log in 4 different hardware devices. In
> I upload my contacts to LOTW (ARRL log book of the world). If my computer
> crashes I can down load all my QSO's from LOTW. I also send my log to a
> local ham friend via EMAIL attachment. He does the same with his log
> it to me.
> I'd say that's enough backup to satisfy anyone.
> Oh, may I say that I stored all my old log books from the 50's and 60's in
> the basement. Had a basement flood in late 60's that ruined all the old
> books. Of course there was no computer logging then but it would have been
> nice if there was.
> Computer logging, I wouldn't be without it.
> George W2YJ
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