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Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 13:26:23 -0400
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Hi Dennis,

I have a TenTec CORSAIR II with Matching Power Supply /Speaker 261 that will 
sell for $200.00 and the TS940 that I would use for Parts. I will foot the 
Bill to ship the CORSAIR & POWER SUPPLY/SPEAKER provided you do the same on 
shipping the TS940.
The Ten Tec is presently in use by a friend of mine that is sight-impaired 
that I am letting him use while he is deciding on the purchase of a new rig. 
I am making an attempt to repair his dead TS940 and need some repair parts.
Dennis, the Corsair II is good working condition and also has a Hand Mike.

Sincerely--Frank Maren--73's --W4VV

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I am looking for a good TT radio, older, Omni C, D, or what have you... Must 
be in working order... Does not have to be a show piece... I am willing to 
pay a fair price...

This is for a local ham who has fallen on hard times - COPD, Diabetes, 
Cancer, Herniated Lumbar Disc, recent surgery - and cannot afford to repair 
his TS-940 that has blown the finals and has other problems... He is too 
proud to ask for help, so I am doing this on my own and will simply give it 
to his wife (he would not accept a handout) who can convince him to use 

I'm not asking for charity for him, but a bargain would not hurt my feelings 
since I am paying...
You can email to me directly to keep the traffic off the forum - or not - 
your choice...

ad4hk2004 - yahoo.com

denny / k8do

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