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Hi Buff,

Caveat:  the following are from dim memory:

With the rig turned on, note the pointer at the top of the dial skirt.  If 
it is illuminated, we'll protect its lamp below.  If it is not illuminated, 
and if it matters to you, you'll need a new lamp.  This is a really good 
time to replace it !

Take off the knobs (the main tuning knob requires a tiny Allen wrench).

Pull off the dial skirt.

The front panel is held in place by the two side panels.  From inside the 
radio, loosen the screws holding the side pieces, top and bottom.

When you have it loose, be careful -- there is a small wire connecting the 
LED's and a small "grain of wheat" lamp to the inside panel.  It unplugs 
from the front of the inside panel.

If you have the analog model (540) I suggest you make a drawing of how the 
dial cord is strung and keep it in your manual.

When you have finished your work on the volume control, assemble the radio 
in the reverse order of disassembly.  In your manual, you'll see that 
Ten-Tec describes a special tool to reinstall the dial skirt onto the shaft. 
A far better method is to make a loop of dental floss and use it to stretch 
the D-spring in the skirt to let it slip onto the shaft.  The floss slides 
easily out when you're done.

About the grain-of-wheat lamp:

Now that you know how much trouble it is to access that lamp, you'll want to 
protect it.  Place a 100 ohm, half-watt resistor in series with it.  It 
doesn't reduce its brightness noticeably but extends the lamp's life 

Speaking of other lamp(s):  Their lives can be greatly extended by putting a 
27 ohm, 1 watt resistor in series with each one.  Make sure that your result 
does not have the current for more than one lamp passing through a single 
resistor or they will be dimmed considerably.  Each lamp needs its own 
resistor.  With an analog model (540) all lamps may derive their power 
through one lead.  If that is the case, you can use a 10 ohm resistor.  I'd 
use a 2-watt resistor in that case but I have not computed the actual 
dissipation required for the current to three or four lamps.

73 and good luck,
Mike N4NT

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> Good Morning. I received the new volume control from TEN TEC for my
> triton IV  yesterday and would appreciate any information on taking
> front face off of the triton.
> I would appreciate  any info from someone who has done this , looking
> for anything that I should know to prevent any problems. Thanks BUFF

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