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Subject: Re: [TenTec] RF Ground
From: "Gary Hoffman" <ghoffman@spacetech.com>
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Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 18:13:03 -0400
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I don't feel that this is a particularly good example for the following 

If, and only if, the ground point at the radio where the coax is terminated 
to the radio is an excellent RF ground, then any current flowing on the 
outside of the coax will be shunted to ground at that point.  As it is an 
excellent ground, impedance is low, and voltage will thus be low as well 
.... ideally zero of course.

Now I grant you that excellent RF grounds are extremely rare.

I just don't think they are a BAD thing, in the event you are lucky enough 
to have one.

I agree with other posters who have emphasised that lightning protection 
must be done OUTSIDE the shack.  A different issue altogether.

I also agree with other posters who have reiterated that ALL grounds must be 
bonded together....a requirement of both Code and safety, not to mention 
ground potential differences leading to annoying ground loops.

As to Pin 1 problems, they exist sometimes.  But remember there are many 
additional problems out there in the world.  As the seer once said....if the 
only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.  Keep a 
broad perspective on the potential sources of problems.

73 de Gary, AA2IZ

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From: "Steve Hunt" <steve@karinya.net>
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Subject: Re: [TenTec] RF Ground

> Have you ever considered that providing a better local RF "ground" could
> make "RF in the shack" problems worse?
> Take the example of a half-wave dipole fed with coax that is a multiple
> of a half-wavelength long and bonded to a "good RF ground" at the shack
> end. If there is no choke balun at the feedpoint, significant
> common-mode current will flow down the outside of the coax braid because
> it represents a low impedance path to earth. The better you make that
> "RF ground", the higher the common-mode current and the greater the
> potential for RF in the shack.
> Steve G3TXQ
> Martin Ewing wrote:
>> Yes, but... It's still worth trying to establish a local RF "ground" --
>> ensuring that everything in your shack is bonded together.  No antenna
>> system is perfect, and many of us have some RF in our shacks.
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