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Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 11:33:35 -0500
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Do remember that lightning protection must be done outside of the structure. 
Lightning protection outside, disconnect inside.

If you rely on the coax shield between the tower site and the house, then 
the shield IS your bond.  Not good unless you want your equipment in the 
current path.  I view this as a guaranteed failure mode.

Bob, K4TAX

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From: "Jim Brown" <k9yc@audiosystemsgroup.com>
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> Gary Smith wrote:
>> I would need 400' of copper pipe or the 18" wide of copper plate to
>> run from the ground rods at the base of the Inv-L to the service
>> entrance and I'm not going to do that. The cost is not realistic and
>> the salty environment would corrode the copper in no time.
> It is a mistake to think "all or nothing" with respect to the 18-inch
> copper or copper pipe. Nothing wrong with those recommendations, but
> something like #10 or #6 copper is FAR better than NOTHING between two
> points that should definitely be bonded. #10 copper can be had at Home
> Depot and Lowe's at reasonable prices.
>> I will though look into the Polyphasers and can you suggest a model
>> number of ferrite for the coax? I'd be happy to add that to what I
>> have.
> I already have. Download and study the tutorial.
>> My habit is to disconnect coax when I leave the house. I was a novice
>> in 79 and just bought a brand new Kenwood for my first radio. My
>> college allowed me to string up a center fed zepp between the tops of
>> two dorms. I left it connected when I went to class, it got hit and
>> my top of the line radio that was all of two weeks old was fried when
>> I came back. Lesson learned to disconnect.
> Many authorities consider that a half-way measure that can still cause
> problems. In the case of a strike, there will be massive voltages on
> that disconnected wire, which can arc to something and start a fire.
> Better to ground it properly.  W8JI is quite adamant about this, and I
> can't find any fault with his logic.
> 73,
> Jim Brown K9YC
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