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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Want to buy
From: jack User <jfriend31@comcast.net>
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Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 12:33:20 -0600
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i agree on all matters but the Inrad filters. i have the 250 and 500 TT
filters in my Orions and find them more than adequate with no ringing. i
have avoided switched power supplies entirely. maybe they are adequate,
but others have noted trouble with such power supplies when running
Orions hard.

i have been running 1.373b3 on one Orion and 1.373b5 on the other. both
have served well unless i use SWEEP for long periods. at times SWEEP
causes the Orion to freeze. i have found no work around on that matter.
turning the Orion off and back on is the only fix i have found.

jack ak7o

On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 14:41 +0200, Mark wrote:

> Rick Dougherty NQ4I wrote:
> > Hi All..I am looking for a TenTec Orion 565...no A/T...with cw and ssb
> > roofing filters...lets talk de Rick NQ4I
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> Hello Rick,
> Perhaps 'kicking in a door' here but please allow me to add some tips:
> Hardware tips:
> - get the 600Hz inrad filter (order number #762) for CW. Forget about 
> the TT 300 and 500Hz filter, or read Bill's website W4ZVfor that matter.
> - customize the DC12V connection cable with heavier gauge cable
> - do not use a switched psu, but any old fashion analogue psu
> - set the supply voltage to min. 13.8-14.2 V
> - installing official firmware 1.372  or the praised beta 1.373b5 is the 
> way to go.
> User tips, based on contesting at our clubstation PI4TUE:
> - keep RF-gain below 85. Operators tend to turn it at max (learnings 
> from decades of using japanese rigs)
> - ideally add enough att to keep the S-meter on max S3 band noise level
> - better keep the volume pot at fixed level (75%) and use RF gain to 
> adjust the listening level down, determing on provided input HF level
> - RF gain and BW button are the only two to use in a contest
> - push the 'Audio' button and set Left-Main, Right-Both. This wil put 
> the audio from main receiver on both ears and the sub-audio on the right 
> ear only. At a single push on the sub-af volume pot knob you switch 
> in/out the sub receiver audio, while the audio of the main receiver 
> remains constant on both ears. Very convenient  and not distracting for 
> monitoring a different frequency(or band) on the second receiver.
> - use David Clark headphones, model 10S/DC  (stereophonic full range 
> version). They fit better, offer much better noise reduction and less 
> listening fatigue.
> Orion redefines operating a rig and is customised for dxíng and 
> contesting. Many thanks to TT; they have created a great rig.
> I have sold 2 FT1000MP's (loaded) and saved money for a year to be able 
> to buy an Orion here in Europe.
> Never ever regretted it.
> At our clubstation PI4TUE ( 6 different ops)we have compared our old 
> TS950SDX against FT1000MP's(loaded) and recently a K3 during major 
> contests these last 3 years.
> Finally they decided to buy an Orion which is now in use since early 
> january 2009.
> CU in contest
> 73 Mark, PA5MW
> http://pa5mw.blogspot.com
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