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From: "Gary Smith" <Gary@doctorgary.net>
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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 12:48:46 -0400
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Bose do NOT howl on CW. I use the Bose headsets along with a Heil 
Desk mic. 99.9% I listen to CW with them.

They will howl if you loosen them from your ear and the conditions 
are right for feedback. They do have a mic input on the side of them 
and you will get feedback if your volume is excessive and again, you 
pull them off your ears.

In normal operation they have never once howled if what you're 
talking about is feedback howl.

I recharge NiMH batteries and use those in it to save money on 

> I am looking for some head phones that are noise canceling for my Omni VI 
> Plus Ten-Tec radio. I heard that Bose howls when listening to CW.  Do not get 
> me wrong, I have never used a pair.  My Telex ProCom 250 head set with boom 
> mic are getting ratty and about 20 years old.  I use a Ten-Tec desk mic so I 
> really do not need a boom mic head set unless thats the best head phones for 
> CW.  My sister stole my military Navy head phones 25 years ago she said they 
> were hers, I got them from a friend in the Navy.  I liked those.
> I am a CW OP.
> Any recommendations?
>  Keep The Faith, Jim K9TF/WA9YSD
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