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From: Ken Brown <ken.d.brown@hawaiiantel.net>
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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 10:22:52 -1000
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Hi Jim,

     I am using a Koss QZ/99 headset. They are NOT an active noise 
canceling headset. They are the kind of headset that keeps extraneous 
noise out of your ears by fully covering your ears and having a nice 
liquid filled cushion to maintain a good acoustic seal around your ears. 
They are stereo headphones with a miniature stereo phone plug, a 1/4" 
standard hone plug adaptor, and a stereo/mono switch in the cord. I use 
mine with my Omni VI and Paragon II, and really like the way they work 
for me. AES sells them, and I'm sure other ham equipment suppliers do 
too. I like mine so much, I bought another set for the XYL.

> I am looking for some head phones that are noise canceling for my Omni VI 
> Plus Ten-Tec radio. I heard that Bose howls when listening to CW.  Do not get 
> me wrong, I have never used a pair.  My Telex ProCom 250 head set with boom 
> mic are getting ratty and about 20 years old.  I use a Ten-Tec desk mic so I 
> really do not need a boom mic head set unless thats the best head phones for 
> CW.  My sister stole my military Navy head phones 25 years ago she said they 
> were hers, I got them from a friend in the Navy.  I liked those.
> I am a CW OP.

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