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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 09:02:53 -0700
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Dick - I also really appreciate the info in your message - will print it out 
and out in my OII manual - I keep toying with doing something on RTTY - but 
seems like I lose interest when I start through all the possibilities. I had 
long ago decided it would be true FSK rather than AFSK. I also want to 
piddle with some of the digital modes .

I have always liked to homebrew but anymore seems like the doggone parts end 
up costing more than buying something off the shelf - and my junk box is 
msotly stuff 30 years old !!! I do have a homebrew keying box for CW 
contesting that runs off the parallel port with CT or N1MM  (tells you how 
old my laptop is - which is also one reason to avoid using its internal 
soundcard for much of anything - it DOES have a single USB port )

Anyhow - Thanks for sharing - and I will take a look at Rig Expert and 

73 de hank K7HP

> There are several interfaces on the market that work very well for
> interfacing the radio with the computer and save you the "headaches" of
> connecting the radio directly to the computer (you really should use
> isolation transformers - especially on the line sending audio from the 
> sound
> card to your radio).
> Ones that I have tried include the RigBlaster, Rig Expert Standard and in
> the near future the Naviagtor;  I believe MFJ also has one too.   All work
> very well with FSK and as far as I know, with all digital modes). 
> Although
> I learned many years ago NEVER say "all"; there always seems to be some
> exception.
> The advantages of the Rig Expert and Navigator are they both have built in
> sound cards,  you only run one cable (USB) to your computer,  both have
> cables that are taylor made for your radio and plug directly into the Aux
> din plug (plug and play - forget about the breakout cable that came with 
> the
> O2), and you don't tie up your sound card with the radio.  There are some
> others too, but the aforementioned are the main ones.

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