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Re: [TenTec] DDS VFO as remote VFO?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] DDS VFO as remote VFO?
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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:38:25 -0700
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I am going down this same road with my back-pack rig.  It's an MFJ 40 
mtr. SSB rig.  The VFO is highly unstable and i am going to substitute a 
DDS VFO for the analog VFO that is in the rig.  The reason i say "I am 
going to ...." is because i am waiting on NORCAL QRP Club to get their 
FCC-2 DDS VFO kit together as they have sold out and are temporarily out 
of stock.  I don't know anything about the N3ZI DDS VFO, however i have 
measured both the frequency and the output power of the stock one in my 
rig and the NORCAL one should work.  Have you measured the output of the 
Delta's PTO to determine if the one that you have purchased is compatible?

Paul (N6MYA)

lee berman wrote:

>I am attempting to correct the thermal drift on my 580 Delta PTO, by using a 
>Direct Digitally Synthesized VFO as a remote VFO.  The DDS output is said to 
>be ~500mV P-P (I've not measured it myself).  To date, I had no success.  I 
>wonder if anyone else on this reflector has successfully done this and can 
>point me in the right direction.  The unit I'm trying is the one by N3ZI.
>Other "fixes", such as PTO rebuild, and the K4DPK unit have worked well for 
>many other hams, but not me.  The drift is definitely in the PTO, defintely 
>thermally induced and does not settle out after hours of on time, so this is 
>my latest effort at ending it.
>thanks,  ~Lee, W1IDZ

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