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Re: [TenTec] Triton PTO kit same as Corsair II?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Triton PTO kit same as Corsair II?
From: "Mike Hyder -N4NT-" <Mike_N4NT@embarqmail.com>
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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 11:08:38 -0400
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No, I wouldn't have ordered them separately, I just ordered two simple 
"rebuild kits" for each type of PTO.  I did not buy the left-hand threaded 
ones until I got my 580 Deltas years after the other kits.  With each one, 
they asked for what rig I wanted it.  I told them and they sent the 
appropriate kit.  If the kits were the same, they wouldn't have asked, or 
maybe they needed to know so they'd know which rod to include in my kits.  I 
do know that I never was billed for or paid for a separate part with each 

The first one I bought was for a 544 Triton.  When I saw it, I realized that 
if Ten-Tec no longer supplied the kit I'd be out of luck because to machine 
such parts would cost more than the rig so I ordered two more.  Some years 
later I got two for my 580 Delta rigs.

As an aside, I always appreciate your sage advices on the reflector.


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> On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 17:50 -0400, Mike Hyder -N4NT- wrote:
>> My parts list does not show the 90202 either, but each kit came with one.
>> No kit came with a pistol (I always wondered if that name started out as
>> "piston" but the typo has endured.)
>> Mike
> Likely you ordered the 90202 with the kits, that part didn't come with
> the kits.
> Its called pistola because its shaped like a pistola.
> 73, Jerry, K0CQ 

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