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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 22:04:06 -0400
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Most all of you know this, but for the benefit of those that might be new to 

Plain aluminum, when exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere for a very short 
period of time, immediately forms a clear, invisible, oxide layer. 
Furthermore, this oxide layer is an excellent electrical insulator.  So, if 
allowed to form, it effectively blocks the electrical path.

Even if you make very tight, direct, metal to metal contact, oxygen can, 
over time, "worm" its way in at the molecular level and degrade the 
electrical quality of the joint.

The purpose of the various "greases" made for this purpose is simply to 
exclude oxygen from reaching the joint.  You slop it on liberally, then 
tighten your joints hence making clear metal to metal contact  (All this 
after cleaning first of course) and the "grease" then keeps that contact 
pristine later, by excluding oxygen.

Of course, tightening the joint mechanically forces the grease out of the 
actual point to point metal contact, so that it is connected effectively.

The grease might, as a side benefit, help with later disassembly, but that 
is not its purpose.

The oxide layer is such a good insulator, that if allowed to form in house 
wiring for instance, can cause resistive heating to the point of causing a 
fire.  And it frequently does exactly that.

73 de Gary, AA2IZ

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> Dr. Gerald,
> I agree with the No-Lox, Steel wool, etc. One thing I do AFTER EVERYTHING 
> is
> cleaned and the way I want to put it back together. I pick up some of the
> thin latex gloves, wash everything down with Vinegar (Color doesn't 
> matter)
> let dry thoroughly and then apply the No-Lox kinda like using PVC Glue,
> can't use too much but apply to both parts twist to insure everything is
> 100% covered and then bolt and/or pop rivet together (After you double 
> check
> your measurements one more time)
> Lots of luck,
> Bert
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>> On Wed, 2009-04-29 at 18:46 -0500, k8bbm@srt.com wrote:
>>> getting used beam, suggestions for cleaning and reassembling,
>>> also protecting junctions.....
>>> deoxit  to clean ends andthen???
>>> thanks
>>> Dave K8BBM
>> AlnoOx aluminum wire connection grease at the connections and junctions.
>> Gerald J.
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