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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 11:09:07 -0600
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> Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 11:47:28 +0100
> Good morning Doc from the UK.
> I have a request for help/advice that I would like to post onto the
> Ten Tec archives but cant seem to post it.
> If tell you my tale of woe can you be so kind as to post it for me or
> advise how I can do it for myself.
> I have a Corsair 1 that now has some erroneous frequency readings on
> 10, 17, 21.
> When I purchased it there were no readings at all (all 'E's), the
> circuit diagram and component layout pictures in the manual are
> different to what is fitted to the radio.
> I purchased at great expense the 'prom' for the counter display, that
> made no difference.
> I then replaced all of the 'ic,s' in the counter and it started
> working on some bands.
> I subsequently found out from the seller that he had changed all the
> diodes on the counter board, on checking the circuit diagram some of
> the diodes look to be the wrong way round, maybe this is what is
> causing the erroneous readings!!

I have only Corsair II data and there are no diodes on the counter
board, but a gang of diodes could have been used in the Corsair to
convert band data to binary for the processor. Diodes backwards will
upset that logic.
> My question is 'Has anybody got a digital picture or can take one of
> the diodes so I can compare their picture to my PCB'.
> Is the frequency display the same as the Corsair 2, I have 1 of those
> radios as well that I can refer to.  

Apparently not since there are no diodes on the 2's counter board. There
is a single wire band input but I've not been able to trace it. Probably
the BFO, and injection frequency inputs are enough to count the band
> If you please pick out the relevant points and post that for me
> please.
> Regards
> 73
> G0HZE  
> Snowy Howell  BCRE25
> Tel  (01733) 816251
>  Fax (01733) 331886
>  E mail snowy.howell@openreach.co.uk
73, Jerry, K0CQ

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