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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 22:25:48 -0400
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I suspect that issue about the guarantee about the repair has a lot more to
do with the lightning strike than it does with the ability of Ten-Tec to
provide maintenance on the average Pegasus -- or any other rig.

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I had a Pegasus and enjoyed it. I did mods to allow an external speaker 
and allow listening to DRM broadcasts. These mods are published on the 
internet. I also added and internal autotuner. But then a lightning 
strike on my QTH made it nonfunctional.

I sent it to Ten Tec Service for repair. The technician (Gary Greene as 
I recall) called me to say that he was willing try to fix it, but Paul 
Clinton would not allow him to guarantee the repair. I declined that offer.

As far as I know, no schematics are available and no one else works on a 
Pegasus. It's a unique rig, and apparently only Ten Tec can repair it. 
If they are unsure of their ability to do so, you may have a rig that 
someday could be unrepairable.

       Jim  N4AL

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Any info esp personal experiences with the radio and any problems that
you may have had with it. I am planning on taking my test for my ham
license soon and plan to look for a Pegasus transceiver in the future.Any
help at all will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks again.

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