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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 08:52:51 -0700
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There is apparently a LARGE difference in relays and mountings - My 
Centurion is quieter than the relay in my Orion II. I replaced the relay in 
my original Orion and made it a LOT quieter - no amount of foam /rubber etc 
etc seemed to make any difference.Some suggest flexible leads to keep the 
board from being a sounding board.  Also either I get more touchy , or the 
Orion relay gets louder after a long contest - I hear it annoyingly loud 
after a long contest weekend even with MDR-V6 phones on. !  The noise is on 
break - its dead quiet on make. I think part of the siisue is the Orion reed 
is a higher pitched noise - the Centurion is much lower pitched but still 
hard to hear over the Orion.

I have a friend with an OII that you can barely hear the relay with your ear 
right on the case .

I contacted the relay supplier and asked if they made a quieter version with 
same ratings but they said no - and it was like pulling teeth to even get 
them to admit they made the relay for TT ! Its a B1A05Y400DIC series 10 
www.reed-relays.com/836422.html . B = Black Beauty , 1A = SPST , 05 = 
voltage , Y= lead/coil config , 400 = coil resistance.

If the Centaur uses the same relay assy as the Centurion , I think the whole 
relay board assy is less than $30 when I asked a few months ago - I was 
going to buy a spare. Could be the rubber isolation mounts are just old and 
hard on the Centaur.

73 hank K7HP

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>I believe it's the same (or very similar) relay used in the Centurion.  On
> that amp, they mount it on a rubber shock mount, if I remember correctly.
> Wear headphones - that how I cured it.  :-)
> 73, Duane

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