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From: Jim Brown <k9yc@audiosystemsgroup.com>
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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 10:26:08 -0700
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pfizenmayer wrote:
> There is apparently a LARGE difference in relays and mountings - My 
> Centurion is quieter than the relay in my Orion II. 

Yes. I use Jennings or their Gigavac equivalents in my Titans and Herc 
II, and they're reasonably quiet. I always work with headphones, and I 
don't hear them, although I've done nothing special to prevent it.

I DO hear the Titan fans, and have the RF deck sitting on some acoustic 
material to decouple it from the desk. That helps a lot.

It may also help to CLEAN the squirrel-cage fan occasionally (and it 
certainly improves ventilation). That's easy to do with Q-tips, 
accessing it from the air intake after the top cover is removed.


Jim K9YC
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