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From: geoffrey mendelson <geoffreymendelson@gmail.com>
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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 00:15:00 +0300
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On Jun 29, 2009, at 11:57 PM, Richards wrote:

> Thanks guys...  actually I have yet to do any CW on the air
> just yet...  still learning the alphabet and numbers...

I'm a bad example. I'm mildly autistic and tried for 29 years to learn  
code. I even got to the point that when I rode the train to work, I  
took a key connected to a CPO and a headset and practiced sending  
while I rode to work. This was around 1994 and the ARRL refused to  
give me a sending test without a doctor's note saying that I was  

Before you write me emails, the autisim diagnosis was a few years ago,  
it was not normally diagnosed except in extreme cases in the 1990's.  
The ARRL has since changed their policy and did not require a note for  
a sending test or other accomodation. It's a moot point anyway as  
there are no CW tests in the US.

Someone introduced me to a code course called CODE QUICK and I was  
able to pass the 13 wpm test in about two months. I would have taken  
and passed the 20, but I moved here instead and did not have the time  
to take the test before I left. My oldest son used the course after me  
and passed the 5 wpm test
in a month. He also did not persue it farther.

I also had purchased Jerry Zilliack's basic code tapes and 35 WPM  
"code words" course. The basic tapes did not work for me, but once I  
had learned code with Code Quick, I was able to use his 35 WPM tapes  
to get up to that speed.

I don't like sending CW, I prefer to rag chew, and the operators on  
this side of the world want to send "UR 599 HR  PSE QSL THX 73 SK" and  
move on.

So I recommend that you investigate Code Quick and use that to learn  
code. It's important to understand that the best way to increase you  
speed is to use it, so as you are learning the letters and numbers,  
practice sending them. The telephone book is a good practice tool, try  
sending that.  If you have any 2m activity around you, I'm sure you  
can find someone who will work you so that you can practice sending.

Once you get up to the point you can send CLEARLY, then you should go  
on the air. If you are in the US, which I think you are, you will have  
no trouble finding people to work you at 5pwm or even 3 if that's what  
you can send comfortably.



geoffrey mendelson N3OWJ/4X1GM
Jerusalem Israel geoffreymendelson@gmail.com

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