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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Centaur
From: Richards <jruing@ameritech.net>
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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 21:09:50 -0400
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Thanks... that makes sense.

I think I will take him to lunch anyway... I am sure I
will learn more than the cost of the lunch !    ;-)

I have been invited to participate on his contest team (on 
SSB-phone), so I must be doing something right !   Unless it 
is like sandlot baseball... where they invite you to play 
just because you have a bat and/or ball... so maybe they 
just want me for my RADIO !   ;-)

Thanks, again, for the advice.

===============  K8JHR  ================

Dr. Gerald N. Johnson wrote:

local contester who has both
>> the Omni VI and VII in his shack and does a lot of CW ... 
>> and he seems quite friendly on the air.   I will have to 
>> take him to lunch...
> Forget QSK for a year or two.

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