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Re: [TenTec] Ten-tec 962 ps problem problem

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Ten-tec 962 ps problem problem
From: "Dr. Gerald N. Johnson" <geraldj@weather.net>
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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2009 20:35:25 -0600
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On Sun, 2009-09-06 at 20:54 -0400, Phillip Zminda wrote:
> Over the weekend my 962 supply for my Omni VI blew the ac fuse every  
> time I turned it on. I expected that the bridge rectifier could be the  
> problem. When I opened it up, I found that the bolt holding down the  
> filter board was loose leaving the bridge without a heat sink. I  
> haven't  unsoldered the bridge but expect that it's the likely  
> problem. Has anyone else experienced blown fuse problems with the 962?  
> Also, is this a part I can but from Ten-Tec without buying an entire  
> board? 

Its probably a standard part. Square, metal case with spade lugs for the
four connections? Tentec probably has the part. Mouser probably has the

Diodes tend to fail shorted when overheated. So its a good chance that's
what is taking the fuse, though it could be a failure of a pass
transistor insulated mounting or a bad electrolytic filter capacitor. Or
the crow bar shorted or getting too sensitive and firing all the time
there's power.

> If not, does anyone know the specs for a direct replacement?  
> Since it's a holiday weekend, there's no chance to call Ten-Tec until  
> Tuesday.

Probably 35 amps,  100 volts or greater PIV. About 1-1/8" square and a
half inch tall. Look at the catalog number 583-MP351 at www.mouser.com
or 625-GBPC3501-E4
> For me, if anything every breaks around the house, it's on a holiday.  
> I've had furnaces go out, dishwashers, stoves and any other number of  
> appliances go out on Christmas, July 4 or Memorial Day. This must be  
> my 2009 holiday breakdown.

You hope this is your only holiday breakdown!
> Thanks for any input.
> Phil N3ZP
> _______________________________________________
73, Jerry, K0CQ

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