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Re: [TenTec] Think about trading for another HF rig? ; the grass isn't

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Think about trading for another HF rig? ; the grass isn't
From: Mark <pa5mw@home.nl>
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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:18:03 +0200
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Dear Bill,

I'm very sorry to see you reacting like this.
It doesn't do good to both G4ILO and the whole commuity.

Bill Tippett wrote:
>          In reading reviews by anyone, you should 
> always "consider the source".  G4ILO is not at 
> the top of the list of people whose opinions I 
> respect.  
How rude.
So It is only top contest/dx contenders for which the K3 was designed 
and who are allowed to express an opinion?

You need to take into account what G4ILO's local environment is like. 
How he is experiencing Hamradio and such. Not every K3 buyer needs to 
have top antennas and such.
Read the tone of his comments. He is and has been very positive, now and 
in the past.

> His liking of the TS-2000 speaks 
> volumes to me. 
Yes to me too; a TS2000 has a MUCH better user interface.

Frankly (sarcastic mode: ON), I believe that all those many TS2000 
owners should receive a medal for accomplishing making all those dx and 
EME contacts. Considering the rig is suffering from phase noise and is 
very low in the IMD specs  etc...(blah blah).  Must be much more of an 
effort than simply going to a strategic optimal island and use top 
antennas and a super rig to win the contest.... 
(sarcastic mode:OFF)
>  Personally I would rate reviews 
> by W8JI, ON4UN, 5B4AGN and a few others as being 
> much more meaningful for my style of operating 
> (low band DX-ing, contesting, etc).
Personally, I would refrain from such personally remarks as , again, 
they are offending.
These lists are for sharing thoughts, exchanging ideas, experiences and 
such. Not for slandering others (yeah like I'm doing now, sorry for that!).

A sharing experience is that the K3 does NOT live up to the expectences 
of some. After two years such a comment is valid for some of its users.
G4ILO is not a whining kid, but some of you 'top guys' are. Like you own 
the K3 community or such?
Seen this behavior on many other lists too. It seems very human....

Oh and Tom is using FT1000MP's during contesting at his station, NOT the 
K3  (as far as I recall from his latest message).
And I never read such content like this from him. Talking about respect.

>          Orion still has one of the finest Main 
> receivers available today.  In fact in several 
> respects I actually prefer it to the K3.  With a 
> few changes, it could be a viable competitor 
> offering true diversity that would compete very 
> favorably with the K3 or Flex 5000 (today's only 
> rigs offering true diversity).  I hope some day 
> Ten-Tec will revisit Orion and address some of 
> the issues mentioned above. 
Very much agree with you here Bill.
And I hope all owners will enjoy there rigs to the max, whatever the 
brand or type.

Please forgive me my words above. I'm being rude here and expressing my 
But I have seen too much of messages from you  and others having such 
content and I do not like it.
I will refrain from further comment in this discussion as I am adding to 
the band noise now too.

respectfully yours,

73 Mark, PA5MW


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