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Re: [TenTec] Think about trading for another HF rig? ; the grass isn't

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Think about trading for another HF rig? ; the grass isn't
From: James Duffer <dufferjames@hotmail.com>
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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 06:56:38 -0500
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Well put and probably needed.

> Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:18:03 +0200
> From: pa5mw@home.nl
> To: tentec@contesting.com
> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Think about trading for another HF rig? ; the  grass 
> isn't
> Dear Bill,
> I'm very sorry to see you reacting like this.
> It doesn't do good to both G4ILO and the whole commuity.
> Bill Tippett wrote:
> >
> >          In reading reviews by anyone, you should 
> > always "consider the source".  G4ILO is not at 
> > the top of the list of people whose opinions I 
> > respect.  
> How rude.
> So It is only top contest/dx contenders for which the K3 was designed 
> and who are allowed to express an opinion?
> You need to take into account what G4ILO's local environment is like. 
> How he is experiencing Hamradio and such. Not every K3 buyer needs to 
> have top antennas and such.
> Read the tone of his comments. He is and has been very positive, now and 
> in the past.
> > His liking of the TS-2000 speaks 
> > volumes to me. 
> Yes to me too; a TS2000 has a MUCH better user interface.
> Frankly (sarcastic mode: ON), I believe that all those many TS2000 
> owners should receive a medal for accomplishing making all those dx and 
> EME contacts. Considering the rig is suffering from phase noise and is 
> very low in the IMD specs  etc...(blah blah).  Must be much more of an 
> effort than simply going to a strategic optimal island and use top 
> antennas and a super rig to win the contest.... 
> (sarcastic mode:OFF)
> >  Personally I would rate reviews 
> > by W8JI, ON4UN, 5B4AGN and a few others as being 
> > much more meaningful for my style of operating 
> > (low band DX-ing, contesting, etc).
> >   
> Personally, I would refrain from such personally remarks as , again, 
> they are offending.
> These lists are for sharing thoughts, exchanging ideas, experiences and 
> such. Not for slandering others (yeah like I'm doing now, sorry for that!).
> A sharing experience is that the K3 does NOT live up to the expectences 
> of some. After two years such a comment is valid for some of its users.
> G4ILO is not a whining kid, but some of you 'top guys' are. Like you own 
> the K3 community or such?
> Seen this behavior on many other lists too. It seems very human....
> Oh and Tom is using FT1000MP's during contesting at his station, NOT the 
> K3  (as far as I recall from his latest message).
> And I never read such content like this from him. Talking about respect.
> >          Orion still has one of the finest Main 
> > receivers available today.  In fact in several 
> > respects I actually prefer it to the K3.  With a 
> > few changes, it could be a viable competitor 
> > offering true diversity that would compete very 
> > favorably with the K3 or Flex 5000 (today's only 
> > rigs offering true diversity).  I hope some day 
> > Ten-Tec will revisit Orion and address some of 
> > the issues mentioned above. 
> Very much agree with you here Bill.
> And I hope all owners will enjoy there rigs to the max, whatever the 
> brand or type.
> Please forgive me my words above. I'm being rude here and expressing my 
> frustration.
> But I have seen too much of messages from you  and others having such 
> content and I do not like it.
> I will refrain from further comment in this discussion as I am adding to 
> the band noise now too.
> respectfully yours,
> 73 Mark, PA5MW
> >   
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