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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 01:42:30 -0400
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Sorry to be a bit late to the thread. I'm glad you guys think like I do ... I 
printed all of those emails for my XYL to read. You can't have too many 
antennas, and likewise, too many radios.

While poking around in the Salmon Run, my K# ... uh,  K3 decided to blow a 
brick ( yes I was doing about a contact every 5 minutes ... outrageous duty 
cycle). What a comfort it was to plug in the O2. Like catching up on old times 
with a long lost friend. Yeah, I've got my beefs with TT, and I don't want trot 
out old threads,  but I'll    never    sell this radio. Third time the K# is 
down ... I'll never sell this radio either, because no one will buy it.

Oh, and my MKV Field is one loan to my appreciative buddy while he gets his rig 
sorted out...

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