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Re: [TenTec] Who is doing true FSK with the ORION?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Who is doing true FSK with the ORION?
From: "Ralph Jerald 'Jerry'Volpe" <kg6tt@sonic.net>
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Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2010 13:36:59 -0700
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Subject: [TenTec] Who is doing true FSK with the ORION?

Would like to know what controller or interface you are using. thanks,  K1ZN

I am using FSK with the Orion 565 (latest firmware). My controller is an LP 
printer connector adapter that I built some years back to use CWType. Details 
of that interface are on that website somewhere. Basically I bought a connector 
shell from RS, a few resistors, a couple diodes and a few 2N2222 transistors. 
They all fit in the shell easily. For FSK I am using just a small part of 
it..... basically one transistor, one diode, and two resistors.

The biggest issue is that there isn't an FSK specific connector on the back of 
the Orion. The FSK control line is a part of the Accessory jack. The breakout 
cable that TT sells did not provide access to that line. I built my own 
breakout box for about $20 that has all of the signals from that Accessory jack.

I use MMTTY, ExtFSK and DLPortIO to add LP port control. I also set up a 
friend's Orion. I pulled out the FSK line to the extra RCA connector on his 
Orion. I used a RASCAL kit interface with the appropriate interface cable to 
the Orion's Accessory jack. Since I didn't use the LP port (his computer didn't 
have one), I used ExtFSK (didn't need DLPortIO)set to a com port instead. Of 
course his computer only had USB ports so I added an eBay special Keyspan USB 
to Serial adapter. There are 'cheaper' adapters, but I never have problems when 
using a com port as a control port when I use a Keyspan... can't say the same 
for the cheap adapters.

So that is what I did in two difference installations.

Oh, I also have an isolating switch in mine so I can redirect the computer to 
the FSK circuit on my Omni-VI+.


Jerry, KG6TT

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