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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 19:19:15 -0400
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No Hank, you didn't.

Microsoft has recently stated that support for Windows XP SP3 will be
maintained in some form throughout the expected lifespan of Windows 7,
projected through 2020.  (That support will include download rights for
corporate Win7 users who are trying to maintain XP SP3 on all machines in
the company to simplify support.)

Support for Windows XP, XP Service Pack 1, and XP SP2 are being

Of course, remember that we're talking about Microsoft.  That information is
subject to change or modification on short -- or no -- notice.   

Details can be found on the InfoWorld web site amongst other places.

The news makes me happy.  I finally got the whole house on XP SP3, except
for a couple of logging laptops that don't have the RAM or CPU speed to run
XP and remain on Windows 2000 (and they're slated for replacement next).  I
just have to get the Omni VI+ talking to the computer correctly, and the
only problem there is finding time to do so when I'm not busy on the summer
honeydew list!


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I thought they said support for XP was only being dropped for versions SP 2 
and below. That the SP 3 version would be supported for a long time yet . 
???? Did I understand wrongly ??

Hank K7HP

> Win7 has driver problems still--sadly. XP works like it should have out
> of the box now finally. sadly soon it will cease to be supported.
> jack ak7o
> On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 12:23 -0400, ROD wrote:
>> I can not get my computer to download to my orion2  I updated to win7 
>> still will not download I glad I did not sell my old winxp computer or I 
>> would be up the creek. as the dutch would say.

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