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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 07:11:48 EDT
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     Nice mobile combo is an ARGO V and a 4 1/2 foot  base loaded MFJ whip 
(MFJ 2620T).  This whip tunes almost 1:1 w/o a  tuner.  I put the whip on a 
magnet and stuck it on top of the  Explorer.  Did have to find a good ground 
inside the vehicle to run to the  rig.  Does require a little tweaking to 
get swr where you want it  obviously.  Mine is set for lower 20 meter cw area 
of band.  Running  the ARGO V at a max of 20 watts with this whip do get 
many 599 reports on cw on  20.  This is a nice combo for someone wanting to 
try mobile, especially  cw.  Used a SCOUT for years at about 25 wattts mobile 
and it worked well on  ssb, but on cw a little more difficult than the ARGO 
V with nets due to  difference in send and receive frequencies.  The ARGO V 
is stable as a rock  even in hot environment of a car in summer.  The short 
whip is nice because  you can run fast and work cw same time and not worry 
about trees, etc.  A  hustler resonator with the standard mast works a little 
better, but does tend to  seek out trees and other low objects.  You can 
have a lot of fun with the  county hunter net and a low powered rig especially 
on 20 cw.  Simple is  good.  Hostile and Mobile.
                                                       Jim, K4CFA
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