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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 09:24:42 -0400
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I've never used a spud gun....living in NJ, I'd probably get arrested for 
thinking about one, but I had complete success since I was in high school 
using a sling shot (also illegal here, but don't tell anyone!!!)  Then a 
company came out with one...just like I homebrewed....also a piece of cake. 
I've also had complete success with a David & Goliath sling. One of my 
elmers, WA2UGT used a compound bow. Worked great for him, but seems too 
complicated. For 50 feet or less, a big hex nut with a thin string is 
flawless....just throw it over selected tree limb.
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> Hello all, I have been having trouble hanging wire antennas for a long 
> time . I have tried sling shots , ball or rock on a line , spud gun with 
> potatoes and tennis balls and all failed or took me hours upon hours to 
> achieve minimal success .  I even went out and rented a man lift ,  can 
> you believe the darn thing would not level off and therefore did not work 
> .  I was ready to hang my self with that OCF antenna I bought !  Then it 
> occurred to me I had not tried a bow and arrow yet so I did some research 
> and found a product that I thought would work .  The kit I bought is from 
> AMS bowfishing .  I paid 150 dollars at Gander mountain for it and had 
> them install it on a new compound bow I got for my daughter . (she had 
> been bugging me to get her one so she can start bow hunting )  I took it 
> home read the directions because I have no experience with Archery, and 
> gave it a try .  My first attempt was to lay the arrow into the V of a 
> tree at about 75 feet , To my surprise and extrem
> e pleasure I hit the darn sweet spot on the first try .  I continued to 
> the other end with similar results .  The ease of use was surprising I 
> figured the line would tangle and cause more aggravation Nope it has a 
> great design that uses a plastic bottle to capture the 5/16 Dacron line 
> (130 or 200 lbs. test )You just shot out ( came with 110' of line ) with 
> out a hitch of any kind ! You can easily unscrew the plastic bottle and 
> add more rope to the line if needed and is what I did .   The bow was a 50 
> lb. compound bow from Diamond and the kit looked very simple to attach I 
> watched the local pro at the shop do the work .  A great product that just 
> prevented me from buying a vertical .  John kb2huk
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