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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 14:06:15 -0500
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Excellent, but kinda expensive.

Having pitched baseball for 16 years, I had no just problem throwing things
in the trees, for the first 25 years of my ham career.
That ended 25 years ago.
Now I couldn't hit a spot 25' high!

I have a 15' step ladder, and a 40' Spiderbeam fiberglass pole.
The pole is normally used as a mast for my portable operations.
Had it anyway, so zero cost.

I tied a very thin qood quality pulley at the top and ran a thin line
through it.
I attached some weight to the end of the rope an pulled it back tight
against the pulley.

Then I had my XYL hold the pole next to the ladder and I climbed to a safe
place near the top of the ladder.
I took the pole, hoisted it slowly up and placed it in place, resting
against the branch I wanted to run the line over.
I let go of the line and watched it slowly descend to the ground.

The result:  The line was placed exactly where I wanted it, to the
millimeter!  This was about 50 to 55 ft. high.

The advantage: The main gadget in my system (the pole) has dual usage, so it
doesn't just sit in the shack, unused for many years.

Just be sure you use a good quality fiberglass pole.
Cheap ones, such as fishing poles and some of the real cheap ones found in
ham radio service bend too much and you lose too much height.

Scott, W4PA (ex Ten-Tec) showed these poles at Dayton.
Contact him at Vibroplex for more info.


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