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Re: [TenTec] was OT: Indoor Antenna: re B&W type terminated dipoles

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] was OT: Indoor Antenna: re B&W type terminated dipoles
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Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 20:05:09 -0600
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Jerry, my post wasn't based on technical theory.
I'm sure you are correct in theory.
I was just referring to years and year and years (over 20) of using these
antennas during contest operations and hearing things solid Q5 that we
couldn't even detect on any of the other antennas.
And we had fantastic antennas, compared to what most people have on their
city lot.

Try telling K3LR or KC1XX that a Beverage is a rotten antenna.

I guess I knew about Beverage antennas for about 10 years before I ever
experienced one.
I had no idea of the advantage they bring in a contest.
Once you have used one, you will want one for every contest you participate
I say one, but in Europe we needed a minimum of 2, but 3 was better, 4 even
We had one East/West for the caribian and the Americas and Asia off the
back, and then one NE/SW for JA and VK/ZL off the back.  Yes they were
Initially the reversible degraded on 40m due to the length of the coax to
the far end, so we built 2-wire Beverages.
This enabled us to have a reversible Beverage, yet feed it from just one

A detailed description is on our club web site, but it is in German.
However the schematics and pictures are in English, and Chinese and Russian,
etc. (hi).

We put a lot of money and effort into developing the Beverage
system....because it was worth it.


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Rotten based on recovered signal strength. A low efficiency antenna that 
can require a low noise preamp because the typical HF receiver has 
relatively poor sensitivity due to the normal level of atmospheric noise 
on an antenna like a dipole is much greater than the signal or noise 
from the Beverage. The Beverage is superb for LF directivity which can 
often give a greatly improved S/N if the receiver has a low enough noise 
to hear it.

73, Jerry, K0CQ

On 12/3/2010 6:22 PM, Rick - NJ0IP / DJ0IP wrote:
> Jerry, thanks for the clarity on the ground.
> I wasn't sure if the ground stake for the termination was considered to be
> an RF or DC ground.
> As for the performance of the Beverage, with all due respect, the Beverage
> is an outstanding antenna, not a rotten antenna.
> I guess I have about 200 co-members of our contest club who have witnessed
> this to, used it time and again.
> On our larger contest DX-peditions we always put up at least 4 beverages.
> They are fed by a splitter which enables multiple receivers to use the
> beverage, even if they are on different bands.
> We hear stuff on the beverage that we can't hear with the verticals,
> or 4-Squares.
> I have seen and done this countless times, so I'm not sure why you think
> it's a rotten antenna.
> For home use, many of our guys use the K9AY "terminated" loop.
> Its performance is inferior to a beverage, but on a small city lot, it
> enables hearing weak signals on the low bands which you do not pick up on
> the transmit antenna.
> Perhaps someone will argue that the resistor introduces some additional
> loss, even on receive, but that is a mute point.  Without it you would not
> have an antenna whose "signal to noise ratio" on that band at that
> is superior to anything else you have.
> I'm curious why you said the Beverage is rotten ???
> 73
> Rick
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